What's wrong with using microwaves?

I came across a very interesting and alarming piece about the potential impact of using microwaves for food preparation.  It really made me think.

I'm no scientist and so cannot really comment on the detail related to health but the effect on the plant that was tested is clear enough.

Please read the attached document by following the link and let me have your thoughts! Microwave Test - An Eye Opener

I shall certainly be limiting my use of microwaves even further,,,,,

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Comment by Richard on March 30, 2012 at 15:27

Thanks Caroline - am going to try the plant experiment and will post results here!

Comment by Caroline Gregg on March 30, 2012 at 12:17

Richard I think you are right to bring this up for discussion.  My sister-in-law thinks everything she does not approve of will kill you and/or give you cancer or kill you by giving you cancer!  I have a microwave, use it moderately (mostly for cocoa at night), don't have a diet of all red meat, look both ways when crossing the road and have two very elderly parents who have never limited anything but also, the key, never eaten/drunk anything to excess either.   Information on the internet is great so long as you are level-headed enough to accept a balanced approach.  So do please continue to publish anything interesting you read.

Comment by Richard on March 30, 2012 at 12:02

Many thanks Dr Lirpa - as Abraham Lincoln once said "the trouble with the Internet is that you can never be sure about the accuracy of what is being posted"

Comment by Stephen Tarling on March 30, 2012 at 9:28

              I am a scientist, so I can tell to you that as Elvis Presley and the man from mars who makes crop circles explained to me the other day: the earth is flat, global warming is a myth, storing half an onion will kill you, and anyone who doesn't send me their credit card details will be cursed with seven years bad luck - with alligators in their toilet and snakes in their car. 

              And as you know bumble bees can't fly, ancient glass windowpanes are thicker at the bottom than the top, aspartame is poisonous, AIDS is a man-made disease, you can balance an egg on its end during the equinox, water goes down the sink hole in a different direction in the north and south hemispheres, microwaves cook from the inside out (cue story about putting a small wet dog in a microwave to dry it out), the New Forest is brand new and totally covered in trees, and drinking water causes cancer. 

              That last one is scientifically proven: the incidence of cancer in humans is statistically extremely highly correlated with the total amount of water a person has drunk in their life - the more water you have drunk in total the more likely you are to get cancer: so to avoid cancer do not drink water or anything containing water - best to start now.

              Dr. Loof Lirpa 01 Apr 2012

Comment by Richard on March 29, 2012 at 17:57

Aha - thanks to my mate John Curtis I now see that the whole thing could be an 'urban myth' - see http://www.snopes.com/science/microwave/plants.asp

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